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My name is Johnny Fehr and I was born on 22.01.1994 in Switzerland.


I first came in contact with art through graffiti when I was a tennager. Later I photographed a lot and started with my first photoshop compositings.

Gradually, I wanted to replace the stock images and content with graphics I created by myself, and so I slowly began to move into the 3D world.

Even as a child I wanted to do something by profession in the Media business. To be precise, I wanted to become a construction worker because he is building things. I did not get far from that today. I also build houses and make worlds, just digital.


I've always been a bit in touch with music.

However, it is only since about 2017 that I am intensively involved in this and about pushing my projects forward.

I started as a DJ in Psytrance area. Later I produced my own ambient / downtempo tracks and now also techno.

I've been to events like Street Parade Zurich, One Love Festival, Shankra Festival or Mystica, And I've already released on labels like Digital Diamonds, 8Cell, Ovnimoon Records, Bass Star Records and Alula Tunes.

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